My name is Mary Bowman and, in my mid-40s, I’m just beginning to feel I’ve got the hang of how to play the game of  life. It’s been a steep and painful learning curve but, rather than resent the 15+ years I lost to depression, disorientation and drifting, I have resolved to attempt to use my experience to benefit others. Though I have studied psychotherapy, I make no claim to be an expert of any variety: I am simply a woman coming to terms with her past and doing her best to live positively. I’ve given life and its challenges much deep thought and I’ve learnt some lessons I hope will prove useful to you too – so, as we move into 2013, I feel the time has come to put some of my musings out there.

Cartoon of two women having a drink and a chatI was 40 by the time I found a half-way decent therapist, who, despite wasting an outrageous amount of my time at £££ an hour, finally gave me the revelation that started me on my journey to recovery. It may sound ridiculous when I tell you, but that revelation was that I come from a dysfunctional family. I honestly had no idea – in fact, I would have denied it hotly – but once I came to understand what my situation truly was, I was able to start rethinking everything and rebuilding myself and my life from the ground up.

This blog records the fruit of this thinking and if it can speed someone else along the road to freedom and fulfilment, I will be delighted.

Of course, you don’t have to be suicidal to want to make a few improvements to your life and my plan is to include all sorts of suggestions, not only fundamental reassessments of the meaning of life but also less radical adjustments to attitude and behaviour that can make a big difference to our levels of satisfaction and happiness. Whatever your situation, whatever your worries, I hope you’ll find something here that will improve your life.

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