Oct 152013

Do you find yourself wishing your life away, getting through the day, getting through the week, with your eyes fixed on some point in the future?  Living like this may be a necessary and worthwhile investment for a limited period, but if it goes on too long it becomes a terrible waste.  If your days consist of pushing yourself through endless hoops and always being on call in some way, so that it feels as if your life isn’t really your own, I urge you to reflect on whether the reward you envisage is big (and real) enough to justify all you’re putting in and all you’re sacrificing along the way.

However immutable you may consider your situation to be, I assure you there are changes you can make.  If you’re feeling stuck, it’s unlikely your circumstances are going to change by themselves: you have to make it happen – and you can!  It’s just a question of lateral thinking, of coming up with ideas you’ve never tried and testing them out.  This can be challenging because it involves behaving in ways that may seem unnatural, or even impossible, but it’s exactly this change in your approach that will lead to a change in your situation.

The sense of being trapped in long-term drudgery can sap our strength and motivation and leave us feeling low, exhausted and powerless, which is hardly conducive to making brave decisions and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.  I know.  But the truth is, either we allow life to pass us by or we take action.  It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic; you can start with baby steps and change things gradually, just as long as you’re doing something to take control and move your life in the direction you want to go.  It took me many, many years to get round to doing this but once I started I soon saw the benefit and the changes gathered momentum.  In the same way as if you smile when you don’t feel like it, it makes you feel a bit better in spite of your mood, doing something to take control, even if it’s scary, makes you feel stronger.

If you’re letting life slide, you know you’ll regret it. You won’t get these years back. Take some time out (important in itself) and think about what you really want. Then set about making it happen.

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